SAT Prep Classes

With NEW SAT the older difficult vocabulary questions, analogies, a penalty for guessing, and limited math knowledge areas have been discarded. The core content has remained virtually the same - language (evidence-based reading and writing) and math - but the test is more challenging and measures reasoning ability more than rote memorization. With four mandatory sections - reading, writing and language, calculator-active math, and calculator-inactive math - and one optional - essay, it is now more important for students to master test content and time management.


Our SAT prep classes help students build critical thinking skills to maximize their SAT scores. Our professional team of tutors and test analysts go over each topic meticulously to develop our unique curriculum for student success and use many SAT practice tests developed in-house as well as carefully picked from national and international sources. We use an initial diagnostic evaluation of the student to access topics that need focus and place a student in one of three groups that are similar in strength and follow through a common goal. Additionally, an educational consultant will regularly communicates with the parents using student progress reports and address areas of concerns.


With more than half of all colleges counting SAT scores among the top three most important factors for admissions, it is in our best interest to get the student to his maximum potential score to reach his dream school. You can make this dream a reality by getting in touch with us at our Warren center.


Following are the SAT test dates:

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