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How to Choose a Tutoring Company

Choose a partner and not a bot!

Correct, you go through emoji's to select a tutoring company for your child. On one extreme you have the individual tutor and on the other you have a big multi-million dollar corporation. Some have the passion to teach and don't care too much about the money while others have to fill in monthly quotas and yearly goals. The choice can be difficult and expensive and making the wrong choice can waste valuable time preparing for the tests. This blog will help you narrow down your choices so that you are prepared to find the right partner for your child's education.

You need a partner that is affordable, provides great service, and an exceptional experience

The Tutors

Research the team. What is their background? Are they qualified? Is the team hired based on performance or credentials? Ask to speak to the potential tutors to gauge their qualities, level of commitment, warmth, and candor. Would they be a good fit for your child?

The Founders

Ask who started the company and why? Are they still involved? Can you reach out to them? These questions can sort out the companies with a passion versus those simply in it to make money. Founders build companies with a labor of love and foster it with a tenacity on quality. The mission statement of the founders can say a lot about the DNA of the company.

The Service

How are client services? Does the company pick up the phone when you call, or return your calls quickly? Do they understand your needs and make you feel welcome? Can you ask questions and stop by for a quick chat? Some great companies take the extra step to make you comfortable and listen patiently to your concerns.

Tutor - Child pairing

How is your child paired with the tutor? Is there a welcome session? Is the tutor very tough, very easy, or appropriate? Can the tutors be changed? Great companies listen to the parents and like a captain of a ship change course so that the child derives maximum benefits.

The pressure to sign

Are you constantly being asked to buy more tutoring hours? Do you feel pressured? Is the company focused on profits? A great company will empower your child with skills so your child feels independent to take on unknown problems and in-turn gain confidence.

Tutor Self Development

How does the company support its tutors? Does the company invest in tutor training sessions? Are the tutors given quality material to teach? Are the materials updated with new content? What is the attrition rate of the tutors in the company? A company that has their tutors as partners will always have a strong backbone and a great experience for your child.

Good luck!

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