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Updated: Nov 8, 2018

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Success begins here - is not just a slogan. We take this responsibility seriously. Why? Because we 've been through it ourselves and we know how you feel.

ACE College Academy germinated from our experience with a SAT center, when we were looking for a SAT coaching place for our daughter. It was our first child and like most parents we did not know where to start.

Most places we visited told us to buy some number of hours. We knew from our experience that the more practice one does the better she becomes at anything. But here we did not see a targeted model where they could say that if you follow a given path then here is what you will achieve. It was more about selling us more number of hours.

So we set out on a mission. We made it our mission to impart quality instruction with a set curriculum using the best teachers so that students can be confident and well prepared in taking any academic test that they are working on.

This mission rests on four pillars:

  1. Small group size (4-8) of students with similar scores (using diagnostic test)

  2. Proper number of hours of instruction from 40 to 80 hours [dependent on Diagnostic test score]

  3. Making sure to have great teachers only with actual experience in teaching

  4. Making sure students take more than 10 tests so that they get proper practice

We all know that - Practice makes one perfect. So why all the gimmicks?

At ACE, we offer a group tutoring plan with 4-10 students of similar caliber in the same class. We can also have small group sessions with a 2:1 student/teacher ratio, if so desired by parents. Lastly we also offer a 1:1 tutoring sessions that caters mostly to students who prefer an individualized tutoring plan.

Does this all have to happen by breaking the bank for the parents?

No, not at all. All our programs are designed for rigorous instruction (40-80 hours) supported by more than 10 tests whereby students get quality training from best quality teachers. For the parents it provides value for money and peace of mind knowing that their child may not have to take multiple tests - one test backed by intensive training should get the desired result.

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