Middle School Academics

Middle School

Middle school is the gateway to high school and it is here that students develop academic and non-academic skills that cement their future. With individualized tutoring we challenge advanced students with above grade curriculum, help at or behind grade level students to strengthen their reading, writing and math skills and mentor all on strong study habits, time management skills, and personal organization.


Our tutors are trained in a wide range of subject matter such as Reading, Writing, Sciences, Social Studies, Languages, and Mathematics. Together we set goals, create a plan to achieve those goals, and monitor the plan. We prepare students to take on the ISEE and SSAT exams and also guide them for entry into prestigious programs such as Stanford EPGY and OHS, Northwestern NUMATS, Johns Hopkins CTY, Duke TIP, MSMS SEP, and other STEM based enrichment programs.


If you are interested in our expertise in High School Academics, please setup an appointment with our center director.