Frequently Asked Questions

 01  Where is ACE College Academy located?

We are primarily located in NJ. Check out our locations to find a ACE near you! .

 02  What is ACE's student teacher ratio?

We offer a group tutoring plan with a maximum of 10 students of similar caliber in the same class. We can also have small group sessions with a 2:1 student/teacher ratio. Lastly we also offer a 1:1 tutoring sessions that caters mostly to students who need an individualized tutoring plan.

 03  How much does ACE's services cost?

The tuition cost depends on the education plan that the parent chooses. Our initial consultation and diagnostic test are free, with no strings attached. After that we will work with you to get you into a plan that best suits your individual academic needs. We also offer incentive programs like sibling discounts, early bird discounts, alumni discounts, pre-payment discounts, and scholarships. 

 04  What differentiates ACE from other test prep companies?

  1. Diagnostic Test: Our free diagnostic test will pinpoint the students’ strengths and weaknesses in detail.

  2. Counseling and Placement: We group the students based on their diagnostic score so that students with similar score-band get grouped together. We advise on using small group (8-10) or 2-to-1 or 1-to-1 setting. If the diagnostic test score is below a certain band, we advise the student to take our 16 hour foundational course (Math/English).

  3. Enhance Performance: Using constant testing we improve on student performance. Our courses are taught by expert teachers with years of experience and expertise. We go the extra mile and make sure our teachers have taken the test themselves and scored above the 99 percentile.

 05  What is ACE's mission?

At ACE our mission is to impart quality instruction to students using the best teachers so that they can be confident and well prepared to take on any academic test.

 06  What is ACE's most popular program?

All our programs are designed towards rigorous instructions (80 hours) supported by more than 10 tests whereby students get quality tutoring from great teachers. For the parents it provides value for money and peace of mind knowing that their child may not have to take multiple tests - one test backed by intensive training should get the desired result.

 07  How did ACE get started?

ACE was started with the vision that the parent of the prospective test taker should not have to figure out how many hours of instruction they have to buy and then buy some more. Based on our experience, we know what works - small group of students taught by great teachers and generous numbers of hours of instruction backed by equally good number of tests. ACE College Academy is the culmination of the idea that practice makes perfect.

 08  How do I start?

Simply fill out our contact us form and a center representative will contact you with more information and to schedule your free initial consultation.

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